1. ku-chan11:

    So funny ♥


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  2. Um. Is there still a Beyblade fandom…or was there a Beyblade fandom?



    If you reblog Beyblade stuff, let me know I wanna follow you :)

    Welcome to the fandom

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  4. lauperak:

    Dranzer is red
    Dragoon is blue
    Beyblade is great
    And so are you

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  6. I am somewhat happy that Kai is a cat person as I am lol.

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  9. yananorway:


    omg that couple interview meme LOLOLOLOL

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  10. leaderssong:

    140412 Seungho @ Mini Fanmeeting

    Credit : @ LvSeungHo

    Aww ❤️